100% Compostable Eco for Life


Our bottles are true innovation in the making, we complete the circle of life from nature to nature. 100% compostable and 100%biodegradable. Our Bottles Start Life as plants and can then be put into food waste to be turned into compost to grow more plants. Other end of life options for disposal of our bottles include Waste to energy or incineration with production of energy. and Feedstock recycling.

A staggering 72% of plastic packaging is not recovered at all: 40% is landfilled, and 32% leaks out the collection system, and these statistics are not just some numbers we have come up with they are from the guardian Tuesday 6 December 2016 https://gu.com/p/5byhk/stw. Plastic bottles are made from fossil fuel that contains oil and pollutes the world and kills the planet and we all know fossil oil is a finite resource so this is not a sustainable option.

Our Eco for Life bottles are compostable and made entirely from a sustainable source of plants. We are the eco-friendly alternative to Plastic bottles that will never biodegrade. We all read about the issues every week in the newspapers or see on the tv news how landfill is polluting the planet and killing the wildlife in the rivers and seas. In fact we are even eating the plastic when we eat fish which are eating the micro plastics in the sea! well you can help the planet one bottle at time. Every time you choose an Eco for Life Bottle you are making a choice to be green.

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