Fife Zoo 100% Single Use Plastic Free with Eco for Life

This month Fife zoo joined with Eco for Life and became 100% single use plastic Free! in their Africafé and Sloth Play area they supply our Eco for Life plant made bottled waters for all their customers. That goes for Eco for Life water bottles, coffee cup lids, takeaway packaging, straws, disposable cutlery . . . the lot!

Fife Zoo focuses on fun, play and learning with children and adults being inspired to protect threatened habitats on their doorsteps, as well as around the globe.

Their conservation and wildlife message is top priority, achieved by delivering excellent animal care and education standards.

Fife Zoo has been granted planning permission and is currently under construction.

Africafé at Fife Zoo is open every day 10am-4pm!

Sloth Play at Fife Zoo is open every day 10am to 5pm!

Coming soon to Scotland!

Fife Zoo will be a new Zoo, focusing on wildlife conservation, learning & science.

for a fun day out you can visit the Sloth play area and the Africafé which is open now.

follow thier progress on Fife Zoo Facebook or Twitter Fife Zoo Twitter

visit their website to find out more: Fife Zoo Website

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