The world needs to stop using ‘single use’ plastics, and we at Eco for Life will to do all we can to support the call for deposits on single use plastic bottles.  This way, we can help towards slowing down the amount of plastics that end up in our seas and oceans.


But, this is not the only reason to stop using these single use plastics, other equally important major reasons are as below –


The support of the use of our reusable, refillable, fully compostable bottles made 100% from plants, stops finite fossil fuels from being used as a raw material – crude oil amounts to approximately 25% of the composition of each PET plastic bottle.


Also, our 100% plant made bottles don’t contain chemicals – unlike PET ‘plastic’ bottles – which could possibly do you harm by leaching chemicals into your body


Natural, Premium, Reusable, Refillable, our 100% plant made bottles also have a cleaner and finite ‘end of life’, compared with PET plastics which can only be recycled and will virtually never disappear!  Our bottles, which are made 100% from plants such as corn, cassava and sugar beet all from a sustainable source which does not compete with crops used for food, have many end of life options, amongst which is their ability to biodegrade in a properly managed home compost heap.  This, together with disposal in the industrial composters which many local authorities and waste management companies either have in place, or have access to, is a fantastic way to return these 100% plant made bottles back to the soil from which they grew.


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Each ‘step in the right direction’ adds up to a marathon in no time at all !

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