Eco for Life Win two more Business Awards

It was a night to remember for all involved at The Observer and Gazette Business Awards and for us a fantastic double scoop winning two fantastic Business Awards, Innovation and Green Business We entered in the two categories, as the Eco for Life Brand owners Marco Polo Intercontinental Limited. The awards took place on the[…]

100% Compostable Eco for Life

  Our bottles are true innovation in the making, we complete the circle of life from nature to nature. 100% compostable and 100%biodegradable. Our Bottles Start Life as plants and can then be put into food waste to be turned into compost to grow more plants. Other end of life options for disposal of our[…]

A&M Scotland Receive Eco for Life Via Our InKind Direct Donation

A&M Scotland is a registered SCIO based in Glasgow that delivers programmes of diversionary activity to young people from areas of high social deprivation. They have just been nominated for a 2016 Charity Champion Award which is a fantastic reflection on all the amazing work they are doing. They are currently work across 30 different communities[…]

5 reasons you should boost your water intake

Everyone knows that drinking water is important for leading a healthy life. Drinking water replaces the fluids that you use throughout your daily life and without you’d be feeling very dehydrated. Apart from preventing dehydration though, what other health benefits does drinking water have? Energy If you’re feeling low on energy and a bit tired[…]