All eco for life bottles are helping to make a change for the better, not only for you but also the environment. Unlike traditional PET that never truly goes away as it is generally landfilled, discarded or down cycled to make more PET, our bottles have numerous end of life options which are all positive.
They can be recycled into a product that can be used as a valuable soil supplement, the bottles undergo a two-step degradation process. First, the moisture and heat in the compost pile attacks the polymer chains and splits them apart, creating smaller polymers and finally lactic acid, a fully sustainable source. They can also be sent to Waste for Energy sites where they produce a high temperature and burn without releasing pollutant or can be returned back to a polymer.
By simply stemming the tide of non-biodegradable plastic waste we might finally be able to make amends for generations of ignorance and indifference to the huge environmental damage we are doing to this place called home.
Eco for life bottled water wont undo what has already been done – but – it may just help to stem the tide of plastic pollution and offer a better future for those we love and the future they have.
Make the change, buy and drink Eco for life