Eco for Life hits Portsmouth Evening News

Hands and plant isolated

You may have spotted Eco for Life in Friday’s edition of The Portsmouth Evening News but if not here it is for you.

Unique plant-based water bottles

UNIQUE water bottles made with the environment in mind are being sold by a Chichester company.

The Eco for Life container is the only 100 per cent plant-based bottle on sale in this country.

Marco Polo Intercontinental has launched it to tackle the problem caused by billions of the bottles being thrown away each year 
and ending up in tips and in the oceans.
Georgina Silk, Marco Polo Intercontinental’s operations co-ordinator, said: ‘Our bottles are totally made from polyactic acid, a renewable plant source which not only adds more end-of-life options than any traditional PET plastic, but produces 60 per cent less greenhouse gases and uses 50 per cent less fossil fuels in their production.

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