Eco for Life in Yoga Haven

Check out Yoga Haven’s article ‘yogahaven is carbon neutral’, featuring Eco for Life!

‘Now back to what we’re up to!

…and most recently moving to biodegradable, 100% plant-based materials for our water bottles.

Our studios are virtually paper-free, hence why you’ll find we don’t print receipts or have leaflets or printed timetables to give out, and from 1stMay yogahaven will go plastic-free with the help of EcoforLife water. yogahaven is carbon neutral ecoforlifeDid you know that over 36 million plastic bottles are used by UK households every day?  And we throw away 10 billion bottles a year.  Eco for Life is the only 100% plant-based, chemical-free bottle on the market, made entirely of a bio-plastic derived from completely renewable sources. Using plants cuts emissions by up to 60% in manufacture and saves a whole litre of oil for every 24 bottles and is the more natural, sustainable and convenient choice.’




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