We are now using Eco For Life water at our Estate Office and feel it is a great product. Having a product that feels and looks just like normal plastic, but does not contribute to the growing catastrophe of plastic pollution in our oceans means that we can continue providing our staff and customers with environmentally friendly bottled water and we would highly recommend Eco for Life Water to anyone looking for an eco friendly, plant made bottle option.
Tracey Attfield
Cowdray Estate Office
Looks like plastic, feels like plastic, but isn’t – brilliant! Fantastic plastic free product and great tasting water without the fear of leaked toxins or chemicals. Proud to be distributing across the Isle of Man.
Against The Grain
So many times customers say how great it is that they can buy plastic free bottles of water. It gives us all hope.
Haworth Wholefoods
Great to be a stockist for this fab product!
The Green Shop